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We know that the most painful thing about roofing and siding - will it be a new construction or existing property - is deadlines.

Here at Niva Group, we work side by side with our customers to help them plan every single step of our work and organize the whole process to fit in their vision and plans.

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3 088 909 ft²
2019-2020 +300%
450 909 ft²
2017-2018 +300%
80 909 ft²
2015-2016 +300%
35 000ft²
2013-2014 +300%
9 909 ft²
3 088 Houses
2019-2020 +300%
2017-2018 +300%
2 000
2015-2016 +300%
2013-2014 +300%
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Insurance.pdf 10.2 Kb
Insurance.pdf 10.2 Kb
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Quality control at every stage by our team

Strict adherence to technology during installation

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We work on projects of any complexity

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Our Unique
Project Management Approach

We sure every step of our work is completed in a timely fashion with quality results. With an exceptionally organized timeline, we know precisely what is going on at the job site every single day, without fail.

Unlike other installing companies, our process is completely transparent.

Take a look at our timeline below to see just how informed you'll be through every step of the way.

Always by your side. 24/7

We'll take care of you and your task from start to finish, and we'll communicate with you every step of the way.

Every day your personal manager sends you a photo & video reports. At any time you can call or write him to ask a question.

We use High Quality Materials from trusted suppliers

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We deliver materials fast, intact and safe
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From Philadelphia
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