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How diagnostics can help you save on roof repairs without compromising on quality

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Despite the long lifespan of the roof, with the course of time some parts of it get worn out.
Some negative consequences may arise as a result.

To minimize the chances to experience negative effects and save money on the repairs,
it’s crucial to check on your roof regularly.

Let's see why it's so important to diagnose your roof before repairs or selling the property.

Most of the house owners are represented
by two types:

In the first scenario, the house owner will hustle and bustle around, call multiple contractors and try to troubleshoot the issue as soon as possible.

Often that may end badly for the property
owner because:

❌ Since he is not aware about the real market prices for the repairs and he is in a hurry, the unscrupulous contractors may deliberately mislead the customer and increase the cost.

❌ Often the owner can’t tell the difference between the materials, so the craftsmen may supply cheaper materials instead of more quality ones. In the future that will contribute to further house disruption.

❌ Additionally, the ventilation installation may be wrong, as a result it will accumulate excess moisture, unpleasant odors will appear inside the property, the house will not be cooled properly, which will lead to extra conditioner use and increased electricity bills.

As a result, the owner may overpay for the repair services and still put himself at risk due to possible poor quality of works.

In the second scenario, the owner will not be aware of repairs cost and will assume that it will cost a fortune. So he will postpone this decision until the last moment.


What are the risks here?


As you know, the sooner the problem is identified, the easier and, most importantly, the cheaper repairs will be. If you postpone the roof diagnostics, the situation will be only getting worse and the cost of repairs will increase.


While the owner is still hesitant, the moisture will start getting inside and damage the beams and wooden partitions which will start to rot and damage the house structure and threaten the life of its inhabitants.

Some insurance companies oblige the owners to renovate or repair the roof, otherwise they may be refused the insurance. Also, if the roof was partially repaired and this is visible, the insurance company may also refuse the insurance due to external interference.

As a result, the homeowner will aggravate minor problems and end up with huge losses.

Take note that in many cases it would be enough to go with cleaning and washing of the roof instead of repairs. This service may only cost $1-2k, not a huge expense.

Everything depends on a roof condition, so you need a roof diagnostics in the first place


You need to have a roof diagnostics and fix the problems before they become a catastrophe.

What happens after you receive a report?

1️⃣ You will know about all problem areas on your roof. The photos and explanation for each issue will be provided along with the possible consequences information.

THANKS TO THAT you will not be misled by the roofing contractors which can overestimate the problem for personal benefit.

2️⃣ You will receive a series of recommendations on which materials to use in every specific case, what options are available and what will be the cost.

THANKS TO THAT you will know in advance what materials you need to use during the repairs to make your roof last longer.

3️⃣ You will receive recommendations on temporary solutions which will secure your roof immediately before main repairs are conducted.

THANKS TO THAT you will be able to eliminate the danger and have more time to choose a reliable and quality roofing contractor.

4️⃣ You will receive a check list with recommendations on how to take care of your roof and make it last longer.

THANKS TO THAT you will avoid permanent roof repairs and save a substantial amount of money.

5️⃣ You will receive up to 4 possible options to fix your roof and rough estimate for each variant. You will also receive recommendations on which option will best suit you and fit in your budget.

THANKS TO THAT you will be aware of the possible cost and will be able to repair your roof immediately.

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Our specialist will arrive at the appointment date and diagnose your entire roof and film all the roof problematic areas.

Make comments on the 18-points checklist of the roof diagnostics report.

✅ Based on the data collected, he will provide a detailed report, describe all the issues and conjugated dangers, and offer possible solutions.

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